After a disappointing months training, for the reasons set out in the previous post, I was’t expecting too much from this race. I ran with Ed, and set out from the outset the my primary objective was to finish, and under 2 hours if possible.

The race started well, gradually slipping from c8min/mi pace int9 minute miles. Eventually the heat took its toll around mile 11, speeding up after drinks stations to slow right down again pretty shortly afterwards. I eventually finished in around 2 hours and 3 minutes.

So all in all, a disppointing race 10 minutes slower than my PB from just a month ago, tempered by the fact I finished at all. I still feel that in the right conditions I could run a half marathon now in about 1 hour 43, so I am just going to have to go away, train harder after the move, and get my head around dehydration which has been a bugbear of mine for several years now.

Am hoping to get my entries in today for both the Loch Ness marathon in October and the Glen Ogle 33 at the end of November.

This is probably my last post until mid/end September, so in the interim happy running.