The morning of the race arrived and we headed across Aberdeenshire to Duthie Park for the race. Vickie gladly customised my race number to ensure that everybody knew that it was my 33rd birthday.

The race started really well, although I started feeling ill from about 3 miles in. The weather was warm and sunny, but not overly so. In any case my hydration was going wrong from very early on. 13 miles in I was comfortable and on target for a really good 5 hour finish.

At the half way point a little later I had lost some time but 5 hours 30 still seemed realistic. The race fell to pieces from there and I completed the second half of the race a good hour or so slower than the first, losing positions and a lot of time to those around me. I ran through till about mile 26.2 (4 hours 45) albeit slowly, before a prolonged walk run walk until the finish line was in sight.

I felt nauseous for the remainder of the weekend and suffered some (not so) hilarious cramps in the restaurant from which I ended up taking home my tea in a doggy bag. Training for the Cateran55 Race commences in one week….