After putting in a few 6 and 7 mile runs, as well as a few smaller runs and cycle rides, I set out on Sunday, not realising that it was April 1st, to put in a long run.  The plan was to run out form Orito to Agost, from there run down the road into Novelda, pick up a track to Monforte, before running back into Orito.

Broadly speaking the run went really well.  It seemed to start of quite slowly but picked up momentum during the climb into Agost.  I paused around the 9 mile mark to eat some food and take on some gel.  The electrolytes seemed to be working quite well, albeit a little too strong perhaps.

The pace carried on well from here most of the way down into Novelda at around mile 13-14, although my right knee started to hurt during this stretch and still does this (Monday) morning.  The views into Agost had been predominantly of El Maigmo, and on the stretch to Novelda were of the humpback mountain of Sierra del Cid.

Arriving in Novelda I picked up the wrong track for Monforte, which probably knocked a mile or two of the run, but by this stage (mile 15ish) the sun was getting quite high, and I was glad to have lost an extra 20 minutes in the sun.

I got lost, as I always do, on the way through Monforte, but did actually manage to pick up the right track to Orito, pausing in the shad on the bridge over the new high speed railway line briefly to cool, before running back into the village. 

All in all this was an exceptionally pleasant run with exceptional veiws, albeit a bit too hot at the end, and my knee hurts a bit from all the tarmac!

Stats: 17.5 miles 2:53:49 2303kcal
Splits: 10:38 9:35 9:25 9:37 10:03 9:52 9:51 9:44 9:29 9:48 9:48 9:39 10:0710:18 10:09 9:45 10:33 5:25