I have requested to defer my Cateran Trail entry until 2013, because I have been experiencing a lot of knee pain following my longer training runs, have not been able to put the mileage in that I have needed to, and will not be able to rectify that sufficiently in the 4 weeks remaining.

While I am very sad not to compete in the Cateran Trail race this year, and consequently will not entry sufficient SUMS races this year, I have to be optimistic about the opportunity that this presents.

I now have a window of 8 weeks before the Lairig Ghru race to concentrate on speed and building core strength through shorter races, and hopefully as a result will make great strides in improving my fitness, and consequently shedding some pounds.

I took the decision this weekend to enter the Aberdeen Parkrun rather than take on a prolonged training run, and that has paid dividends, I have been shedding pounds since the weekend, and the race itself felt quick, if not necessarily comfortable.  I am going out again this weekend to try to take a minute or so off my time.  I averaged 7:45 miles last weekend, but felt lethargic.  Having not raced, or even trained, anything this short for a long time it is a bit tricky to set out what my peak present form could be, but I think 7 minute miles and 21ish minutes over the next couple of months is possible.

As a result lots of new races have found their way into my plans for the next few months:

Sat 28 April -Aberdeen Parkrun (5K)
Say 05 May - Aberdeen Parkrun (5K)
Sun 13 May - Dunecht Dash (5K)
Sun 27 May - Dunblane Hydro 7.5M
Sat 02 June - Aberdeen Parkrun (5K)
Sun 03 June - Scolty Hill Race
Thu 07 June - Cambus Canter
Sat 09 June - Aberdeen Parkrun (5K)
Thu 14 June - Spring Series - Dalmedie