The Glen Ogle race went pretty much as expected, finishing in around 6:27. I was disappointed on the one hand with my time, and with a better month leading into the race would probably have been around an hour quicker. I had also underestimated the amount of extra hill at the back of the course which I had missed the year before. Och well, will have to run it again next year….

I have been struggling with asthma since the race, but with the help of 2 inhalers seem to now be on the mend (have never really had asthma, but did struggle with bronchitis after the same race last year, maybe a winter thing).

I have most of my ultras planned out for next year, and you can see them on my Coming Up page. I am especially excited about the Ring ‘O Fire race at Anglesey which is really my focus for the year.

Until the training updates start flowing, have a good Christmas and Hogmanay – next up Lumphanan Detox 10K on 2nd January.