Went for 4 x 800m intervals through Aboyne Castle grounds, with 2 minute walk break in-between.  Aiming for 07:20 minutes miles, the first three intervals were quicker than this, the last interval was probably about on target.  I’ve given up trying to split the laps out on my watch, primarily because I’m an ejit and keep turning it off instead of hitting the lap button!  Endomondo stats again this time, they show the variations in pace, although the Strava maps are prettier, so I’ve turned on satellite view instead!

I also decided during this run that Compeed blister packs are far better than the generics for running on, although the latter are fine for wearing around the house.  The run was also spoilt by the fact that my k9 children had unravelled about 20 of Vickie’s wool embroidery skenes while I was out, taking about 3 times as long as my run to wrap back up.  If only I was a cat….

Just one more wee tapered down run tomorrow to keep the legs working, and then its the Cateran 55 race en el sabado.