After the Scottish National Trail Challenge at the weekend I was offered the chance not to lead my Jog Scotland group on Tuesday which I gladly took up to build an extra rest day into this week. That said common characteristics of both runs were feeling under-rested, under-fuelled, and under-hydrated.  I am starting though to undo the damage of eating crap in car-parks for an entire weekend.

The first run, although I felt very tired, was a very quick 5 mile loop using the first two bridges at Glen Tanar on Wednesday evening.  Although I felt that I was struggling during this run, I was pretty much on 10km PB pace, on trail, and with climb, so I think that there are positives to take from that.

My second run was at Thursday lunchtime and consisted of a series of 3x5x45s hill-reps on the Tarland Way   encased in recovery runs.  I was quite pleased with how this went, although the actual volume of ascent does not seem that great.  My legs felt pretty tired throughout this run, but the recovery run at the end felt better.

Plans for the weekend, are supposed to consist of a long run on Saturday, and a wee(er) run on Sunday.  Am probably going to flip this around to encompass a 5 munro run on Lochnagar on Sunday morning.