CM01/02 for us is the best installment of the Championship Manager/Football Manager series from inception through to today. It benefits from more detail than it’s predecessors while sharing their speed, and lacks the complexity and demands on time made by its successors.…

Unusually CM01/02 does not install “out of the box” in PlayOnMac / PlayOnLinux - it will install manually though, and you can patch the game to 3.9.68. We haven’t managed to get any of the Tapani patches running though.

Much more to follow on this game that has swallowed up so many days of our existence. Until then, here’s the instructions to get it running:

The complete guide to installing, patching and updating CM0102 on Mac using PlayOnMac (These instructions also work identically on Linux using PlayOnLinux).

To install CM0102 you need: PlayOnMac - or Play on Linux from CM0102 - 3.9.68 Patch -

To patch your install to run faster, with crisper graphics, and current era data you also need: Saturn Patch -

Our next mission is to get the CM8990 running on Mac. First though we need a Tapanified .exe and data folder.

Common problems:

  1. Do not create a 64bit virtual machine
  2. Remember to mount your CM0102.iso before playing
  3. Remember to eat, drink and to pause occasionally for sleep!

Detailed instructions on following page - but they need to be updated to match the new video.

First obtain and mount a copy of the CM0102 iso from the publishers - its free! here:…

You can’t just run the installer though, it won’t work - you need to install CM01/02 manually. To do this open PlayOnMac or PlayOnLinux and click the configure button in the ribbon menu.

You need to create a virtual drive to install CM01/02 on within PlayOnMac/Linux. Click the New button at the bottom left, which should open up a wizard. Click Next, select the system version of wine on the next screen, and click next again. Next call the drive whatever you want to, click next one last time, and your virtual environment is created.

Next we need to install CM01/02. Your new drive should have appeared on the left hand side of the configure screen in PlayOnMac/Linux. Select it; and choose the miscellaneous tab to the top right. On that tab select the option run a windows executable in this virtual drive. From there navigate to the CM01/02 iso that you have mounted and select the install executable, CM01/02 will install. If you have any patches to apply to the game then you can do that the same way.

Once you have installed the game switch from the miscellaneous tab of the virtual drive to the general tab. Select the “Make new shortcut from this virtual drive” button. This should identify the CM01/02 executables - install a shortcut to the game now.

You can now close the configure tab, and the shortcuts you have just added will be present in PlayOnMac/Linux - double click on one and the game will run. Remember to mount the CM01/02 iso before playing next time too.