Installing Championship Manager 97/98 on MacOS/OSX using the Boxer App DOS emulator.

CM9798 is now abandonware - you can freely and legally download and play it if you are unable to find your install disc.

Open up your Boxer App (which we use at MacRetro for emulating DOS games), select the middle menu option to install a new game, drag your CM97/98 iso or game folder into the window that has appeared, and Boxer will install CM9798 into your games library.

The original game and versions with updated data can be found at:

Some versions work, others won’t we have a 15-16 update running, and also an original 97-98 version from elsewhere.

Once your game is installed (all of two seconds later), choose the file that you wish to run - usually bat.exe, and then whether you wish to run the 8MB or 16MB (RAM) version of the game.

The 8MB version lets you run a single league, the 16MB version 3.

And yes, that really does say MB.  We can not overemphasise how much difference and extra 8MB of RAM made to how fast this game ran.

Then you are good to go! Don’t stay up all night…