How to manually configure your PlayOnMac install environment creating a stable environment for playing old Windows games on macOS/OSX.…

Key points:

Download PlayOnMac here.

Create your own virtual drives

  • Create 32bit virtual drives - 64 bit will not work

Install all of the extensions prompted during drive creation:

  • Wine Gecko
  • Wine Mono
  • XQuartz

You will also generally get better results gaming in full screen rather than windowed mode, from what we have seen.

The methods used in this video should work for most of the old Windows games played at MacRetro - others may require more complex WINE configuration.  Having said that, and although the PlayOnMac installer (as opposed to this manual method) uses different WINE versions within PlayOnMac, we are struggling to think of a game that will play that does not simply work in the default system version of WINE shipped in PlayOnMac.