Welcome to the InsideRRR course overview of the Volcano Flat route on the Watopia Zwift World. Read on to see details of the route, route profile, photographs of the course, and my own ride data.

The Volcano Flat route starts near the May Field. If you are riding as part of an event, the slip from the event start misses the beginning of the route - you have to go around twice to claim the route badge!

The is a clockwise circuit around the outside of Watopia island. Starting near the pier the route begins by passing the May Field 400m track - watch out for the Zwift blimp floating on by. The route then heads onto Ocean Boulevard - Watopia's tropical answer to Norway's Atlantic Road.

The route than passes through the Marina, before climbing over the the Italian Village. The views through the Italian Village to the Volcano are stupendously good, and the ride heads straight to the magma from here. The route circumvents the volcano, before turning inside the volcano, passing bet of lava.

The final section of the route drops back in through Watopia downtown, returning to where we started.

Unsurprisingly, the route is flat, with only around 49m of climb through the circuit, most of which is before the Italian Village, and climbing into the volcano.

Route Profile

Map courtesy of ZwiftHacks background ©Zwift

Route Images

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