After a long bank holiday weekend of group rides on Zwift, I took the opportunity to spend some time exploring in the BKool Simulator. The destination this time being the Netherlands.

The route is a largely flat 39k ride tracking near to the Amsterdam RijnKanaal. There are a couple of points of prominence on the route, though the gradient never exceeds 2%, and in the main sits between 1% and -1% - so this route is really well suited to cranking out a fairly consistent effort.

Map - Bkool - Amsterdam-IJsselstein

Though I generally prefer to ride in the 3D simulator, there is a good quality video to accompany this ride also.

The ride zone data below shows that this effort was very much centred in the middle ground in terms of effort. I was eager to make use of the public holiday in the UK to sneak an extra ride in, but on fairly heavy legs after a big weekend on the bike.

Zones - BKool - Amsterdam-IJsselstein

The ride data illustrates this further, with heart rate and power fairly even until the closing section - when a rather pressing need for the bathroom enticed me to speed up a little!

Riding on BKool, in contrast to Zwift, seems to be a largely solitary affair. There was another rider out on course a couple of minutes ahead, they terminated their ride around the half way point, but were already a good 15 minutes behind me by that point. The pass was a fairly clean wind in and pass - I would not see the other rider again.

Data - BKool - Amsterdam-IJsselstein
Data - BKool - Amsterdam-IJsselstein