The Palm Beach course is a very short and very flat route in Florida - ideal for a quick bast or time trial. At just 6.7km long, with only 13m of climb, and a biggest gradient of just over 2% this course is made for power. The course video is one of a beautiful sunset along the beach - though the background darkens as the ride comes to a close.

Maps and Stats - Palm Beach, Sunrise to Inlet

Short on time after a long day at work I opted for a short and high intensity effort on BKool - and opted for this wee Palm Beach Course. Averaging over 190W, I was not holding back here, but there was never any real prospect of this taking very long. This course would be a good one to come back to in a few months time to compare progress.

Palm Beach in the BKool simulator

The views in the simulator almost always have the Atlantic to your right shoulder as you ride North along the beach, and the sunset video (above) gives off real Grand Theft Auto : Vice City vibes. This ride just missed "Died in your arms tonight" by Cutting Crew on the radio.

Palm Beach in the BKool Simulator
Away from the Sea - Palm Beach in the BKool Simulator

The only real disappointment about this ride is that no map since through to Strava from BKool, and only .fit export is available. I suspect that is because the ride is so short - but if you know why that is the case, please let me know in the comments below!

Palm Beach in the BKool Simulator
Surrounded by sand - Palm Beach in the BKool Simulator
Arriving at the end of the route - Palm Beach in the BKool Simulator

Until next time, Ride On!