The volcano circuit is one of (if not the) shortest and flatest circuits on Zwift. Having twenty minutes spare ahead of a group ride, I decided to spin through a couple of laps as a warm up. Unusually there are two options on offer CW or CCW, here we take the standard circuit.

The route starts off on the glass bridge heading away from Ocean Boulevard. Just 33 seconds in to the ride, and the molten lava is already in view, flowing from the Watopia Volcano.

Watopia Volcano
Watopia Volcano

At the junction at the end of the bridge the route turns left to join the Volcano circuit in clockwise formation, before veering right into the heart of the volcano. It feels pretty warm in here! In this section you will go through the start/finish barrier, with a lap counter just beyond - the in-game segment starts here.

Inside Watopia Volcano

After a brief route in to the heart of the volcano the route veers back in to the outside world where you are greeted by the iconic view of the Alpe du Zwift. Once you reach level 12, you can ride up this monster!

Alpe du Zwift from Watopia Volcano

After skirting around the east flank of the island the route heads back inside the volcano, where you pass some kind of stone ruin to the right hand side.

Watopia Volcano
Watopia Volcano - ruins?

Bursting back out into the outside world the Zwift blimp is floating, with the structure of the glass bridge to Ocean Boulevard and Downtown beyond. This time we fly right on past until we arrive back at the start/finish line.

Zwift blimp
Zwift Volcano Circuit

I set a 30 day PR of 7:57:28, which is both surprising and unsurprising in that I seem to have managed to exist on Zwift for a couple of months or more, without completing this short loop.

Until the next time, Ride on!