The Finkenbach Rothenberg Beerfelden route on Rouvy climbs steeply from Finkenback to Rothenberg, before continuing to climb more gently to Beerfelden.

The Finkenbach Rothenberg Beerfelden route on Rouvy starts with a gentle ride through the town of Finkenbach. The gentleness does not coninue long as the route then climbs steep switchbacks through the forest, out of the valley, and on to the hill above.

The view opens up majestically as the route leaves the forest near Rothenberg, and remains much more open for the gradual ascent up to Bierfelden.

As the route approaches bierfelden the route drops into the town, giving the first lick of pace to the entire ride, before concluding with a 10% climb up a side street - for some reason!

There is a lot of climbing on this route, and very little flat or downhill - so expect it to take a little longer than the 16km would suggest.

The video is decent quality, though I missed the start of the route as only the map view was present - so my first views were gained while climbing up through the forest to Rothenberg. The camera position is such that the view is obscured by the hoods and bike computer, and bounces around a little with potholes.