The Fred Whitton Part 8 Augmented Route in Rouvy, culminating on the summit of Hardknott Pass.

This is the 8th installment of the Fred Whitton sprotive on Rouvy, covering the leg from Gosforth to Hardknott Pass, and passing through Santon Bridge and Eskdale. The route is typical of this part of the Lake District, narrow single track roads hemmed in by dry stone walls and verges, with small villages and tradition inns.

As a Rouvy Augmented Route the course is wonderfully filmed in HD, with the usual caveat for Rouvy that the route has been filmed by something moving faster than a bicycle. That has the effect of making passing objects seem to be moving in slow motion.

The route is part of the acquisition of CycleRecon by Rouvy, where Rouvy obtained the CycleRecon video library, and equipment and expertise to improve the quality of filming on the platform.