The Þingvellir ride on Rouvy is a rolling ride through relatively flat, remote, and desolate countryside. The route is dominated by large mountains rising steeply from the plain, and the view to the right falls away to the lake of Þingvallavatn for much of the ride.

The route is nominally flat, and with an average gradient of 1% it is certainly not a climb - but like most routes on Rouvy there is very little flat. Put a beach ball down on route, and its going to roll.

The video is marked up as HD, but despite the amazing, and it is amazing scenery, the video does let this route down sadly. The picture is not stabilised and even when fairly stable the picture seems to be lacking a little definition, which is a shame. This route is crying out for Rouvy's new CycleRecon acquisition to go film it!