Welcome to InsideRide's guide to the short, flat and fast Chatfield South to North around Reservoir route in Colorado, on Rouvy. Read on to see our views on the route and the quality of the video.

The Chatfield South to North around Reservoir course on Rouvy is a fast and flat course, circling 3/4 of the Chastfield Reservoir in Colorado, with a downhill bias. This course works really well for short, fast, time trials, and for recovery efforts too.

The video is well filmed and appealing too. The expansive green fields, smooth wide tarmac, and deep blue skies make for a perfect combination, aided and abetted by the occasional glimpse to the reservoir - which appears to be at a low level.

The video is filmed in HD, and available in 1080p. The picture is stable, and filmed from bicycle, which provides for realistic traffic speed. There is some slight judder to the picture at points, which makes the ride feel more realistic. The only slight blemish on the course is the timing of the downhill, which comes a little later to the gradient than the picture.

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