Welcome to InsideRide's guide to the new Uettligen - Muntelier HD route on Rouvy. Read on to see our views on the route and the quality of the video, and to see details of our rides on this route.

Like all of the Rouvy AR routes Uettligen - Muntelier is beautifully filmed in HD. The route itself ambles through the Swiss countryside, consisting of olling green hills and bright blue sky, interspersed with lakes and traditional Swiss villages.

The film quality is excellent, and the picture stable, although the sky is a little bleached in places.

The route has a decent amount of climb, arriving in 3 main waves, but descends much more than it ascends in the main.

We are really enjoying the continuing expansion of the Rouvy AR catalogue, and are looking forward to tackling some of the more challenging new Swiss routes.

Ride Data

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