Capua is the first mission of the peaceful provinces in Caesar III after the two earlier tutorial maps. The map is much larger and the gameplay much less scripted. There mission instructions introduce the concept of sea trade, and of the dock.

Caesar is at today's gladiator tournament, and is unable to see you himself. He asks me, his proconsul for Roma, to brief you on your next assignment.

Now that you have proven your skills, you are to found a small city just South of Rome.

To build this city to a modest level, you must provide more goods and services than you have achieved thus far. Plan carefully, Rome's Senate expects a good return on the starting money it entrusts to you.

Your new province is rich in resources. Set up industries and trade routes, and export goods to earn the extra funds that you will need. Make sure your citizens pay their taxes too.

You should construct a dock, so that you can trade overseas. Build the dock on the river with the flotsam, and make sure it has a warehouse nearby to store exports and accept any imports.

Trade ships will approach your dock when you open a sea trade route and tell your trade advisor which goods to buy and sell. Like most buildings, the dock needs road access to labor.

Caesar's expectations for you are not excessive. He will rate your performance in five categories: Peace, Prosperity, Culture, Favour and overall population size - but the goals he has set you are rather low. Anything else that he asks of you should easily be within your power to provide. He will be particularly pleased if you fulfil his requests promptly.

Oh, a word of caution: Heed carefully and reports of worsening mood among your citizens. Your people will not forgive much just because of your newness to governing. If your city has high taxes, low wages, little food or lots of unemployment, it will be hard to attract immigrants, and citizens might turn to crime.


Population: 2500
Prosperity: 10
Favor: 60
Culture: 35
Peace: 20


Populate me!



Raw Materials:


Caesar's Requests:

Jul 348 BC - 10 Oil
Apr 345 BC - 15 Oil
May 344 BC - 10 Fruit
May 342 BC - 15 Fruit


The map to the Capua mission in Caasar 3 consists of the main river running diagonally along the top of the map. The farm land is located around an oasis to the South of the map, and the main areas for building either side of a rock band in the centre of the map.


In our playthrough the Capua mission, we started off by building a 7x7 residential cluster to there north of the oasis. In addition to the housing we have constructed a series of wheat farms, and nascent clay and pottery industries to the South West, and main trade warehouse to the North East. We are able to begin trading pottery straight away.

As the grade and capacity of there housing increases, and more labor becomes available, we begin to expand our industrial base. We soon doubled the size of the clay and pottery industries to the South West of the city, have added some olive farms to the farming area, and oil factories to the North East. We have also added a dedicated warehouse for each export commodity.

Some additional buildings surround the residential area that were key to the expansion - including school, theatre, and bath-house.

The only commodity we can sell from our warehouse is pottery, so as our settlement expands and finances begin to recover, we need to build a dock on the river so that we can sell furniture and oil to sea merchants.

Here we have nested a 5x5 residential cluster between the warehouses, and a dock place on the river. That should ensure that our key trade infrastructure is effectively manned at all times.

With trade by sea now open, we have added a timber and furniture industry near the forest, on the road to the north of the city.

Needing to add labour to expand further, we next add a 7x7 residential cluster to the north of the forest, which we can use to staff expanded pottery and furniture industries, with additional pottery industries, and an extra granary constructed between this new cluster, and the original cluster.

We have also constructed the Senate, and Governor's Mansion on the North Eastern edge of this zone.

Shortly afterwards Caesar requests the first fruit consignment, and we realise that we have not built any fruit farms. We quickly construct a new 5x5 residential cluster to the East of the original, and a series of 5 x fruit farms further west.

We have added a warehouse near the old factories, and set it to only accept fruit. We also set the two granaries to not accept fruit, and to even our own surprise manage to turn around two full fruit harvests in time to meet Caesar's demand.

We now have the option of either upgrading housing density to conclude the mission, or building extra housing. We opt for the former, constructing an amphitheater between the two 7 x 7 residential zones. The housing in the original zone immediately upgrades.

As our population increases, unemployment begins to grow. We build additional pottery capacity around the ampitheatre, and additional furniture industries to the north of the forest.

Our population rises towards 2500 for a short while, dropping back several times as housing upgrades and downgrades according to changing local conditions. Eventually our capacity slips over 2500, and our mission is complete!