Welcome to the InsideRide guide to the Guanella Pass (North to South) premium route on Rouvy. Please read on to see details and photographs on the route, elevation profile, and our own ride data.

The Guanella Pass route starts with a picturesque ride through Georgetown in Oregon. Georgetown is an old Victoria mining town in the Rockies that has retained much of it's frontier feel. Much like riding into Armadillo in Red Dead Redemption, but without the horse!

The route starts off climbing gradually, before easing into the first of two climbs separated by a plateau. The last quarter of the ride is a steep descent which should take no more than about 5-6 minutes to complete.

The scenery is predominantly of rolling green hills and trees, and watch out for the cedar barriers rather than armco. Apparently the top section was only surfaced as recently as 2014.

For a Rouvy premium video, the video quality is actually pretty poor. We couldn't get the 1080p video to load, but notwithstanding that the source video is filmed much too quickly with judder and granulation throughout. We'd only get excited about riding this again when it next pops up on a Rouvy challenge or career level!

Course Profile

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Ride Data

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