Welcome to the InsideRide guide to the Giron a Peaje Lebrija Aeropuerto route on Rouvy. Please read on to see details and photographs on the route, elevation profile, and our own ride data.

The Giron a Peaje Lebrija Aeropuerto route on Rouvy is an urban ride starting in the centre of Giron, and ending up on the hillside looking down over the Aeropuerto Internacional Palonegro on the road to Lebrija.

The route starts off flat, before gradually ratcheting up the incline as the route begins to climb.

The scenery is exceptional and urban, helped by the definition in the blue cloudy sky. Particular highlights include the funky coloured bus that passes on the climb, and a motorcycle in the middle of the road early on.

The video quality is excellent, and feels for once like it has been filmed on bicycle, it feels much more responsive to changes in pace than the AR videos!

A nice first virtual ride in South America for part of the Rouvy Columbia Challenge.

Course Profile

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Ride Data

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