Welcome to the InsideRide guide to the Beatenberg - Tschingel AR route on Rouvy. Please read on to see details and photographs on the route, route profiles, and our own ride data on this route.

The Beatenberg - Tschingel AR Route on Rouvy is a green hilly climb along Thunersee from Interlaken. The rolling green hills interspersed with traditional alpine chalets, limestone crags, and the occasional view of Thunersee itself.

The route starts on the northern edge of Interlaken, climbing rapidly to Waldegg first, and then in to Beatenberg. By the time the ride arrives in Beatenberg, most all of the climb for the ride is complete. The route descends slowly, contouring around the Nederhorn, before descending much more rapidly, and then a final steep climb up into Tschingel. As well as the traditional Swiss architecture, the pass under the Nederhorn ski-lift is particularly enjoyable.

As a Rouvy Augmented Route the Beatenberg - Tschingel Route is of exceptional quality, filmed in 1080p. The picture is exceptionally stable, though suffers with judder and catchup on the fast descent down off the flank of the Nederhorn.

While the scenery is fantastic, the weather lets this ride down a little, the sky often grey, or bleached out - with the views to the big mountains largely lost amongst the haze.

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