Welcome to the InsideRide guide to the Javornik Climb augmented (AR) route on Rouvy. Please read on to see details and photographs on the route, elevation profile, and our own ride data.

The Javornik Climb was the final ride of our completion of the Rouvy Specialised Challenge, 2020. The route itself is a pleasant rolling amble through the forests of South Bohemia, north of Rouvy's Vimperk base.

The route starts out climbing into the forests out of Susice. The first climb is fairly brief, the route plateauing, and then dropping sharply before the final longer climb in to Javornik.

The ride passes through village after village, though it seems that there was no particular preference for building on flat land in this part of the Czech Republic though. Villages arrive on the climbs, the drops and on the flats as well.

Interspersed between the villages are rolling fields, thick pine forests, as well as views to a small hill range on the horizon.

The video quality is an excellent quality HD video, with stable picture, like all Rouvy AR videos. It also suffers from the same issues that other AR videos do in relation to the speed of movement of other objects, caused by filming speed relative to ride speed. Again, the traffic is fairly light on this ride, so those foibles are rarely noticeable.

Course Profile

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Ride Data

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Ride History

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