Welcome to the insideRide guide to the Ride Of The Fallen Leaves 2015 - Pt3 Augmented Route on Rouvy. Please read on to see details of the route, review of the video, and our own ride data.

Presumably the third instalment of Rouvy's presentation of the Ride Of The Fallen Leaves 2015 race, this route consists of a South to North route through the Lake District. The route starts in High Newton, climbing back up onto Cartmell Fell, and dropping back to Staveley the Southern end of Windermere Lake. From here the route follows the Western shore of Windermere, before boomeranging around Blelham Tarn, and concluding with the climb to Hawkshead.

As all AR videos, the video is excellently filmed, with high resolution, stable, picture available to stream at 1080p. It also suffers from the same pitfalls as other AR videos, where the speed of filming is faster than the speed being ridden - this results in moving objects within the video taking on a moonwalk animation.

The scene is a little disappointing though. The sky is grey throughout, and for a ride in the Lake District there are precious little views of the water. There are a few fleeing glances towards the Langdale Pikes towards the end, and Wasfel Pike a little before that. In the main though the video is dominated by narrow roads, surrounded by high foliage, and grey sky, salvaged by the occasional staging inn. We enjoyed the ride, but we are not too excited about doing it again anytime soon with so many other (and better) AR videos to choose from on Rouvy.

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