Welcome to the InsideRide guide to the Oberlangenegg - Langnau AR route on Rouvy. Please read on to see details and photographs on the route, route profiles, and our own ride data on this route.

The Oberlangenegg – Langnau Route on Rouvy is a predominantly downhill course starting in Oberlangenegg, and descending to Langnau on a dog legged route toward Bern.

There are two distinct climbs in the first half of the course. The first ascends steeply to cross Turner mountain before dropping into Vorderstenmoosli. The second climb heads up through the village of Schangnau toward Wald.

Like all Rouvy augmented routes, this route is beautifully filmed. The picture is stable with resolution available to 1080p. Similar to other routes it also suffers a little from filming speed exceeding ride speed, though rarely is this noticeable.

Our internet decided to die with around a third of the ride left, so we had to complete the ride in map view. We are really looking forward to seeing what the remainder of this video has to offer when we ride this route again.

The scenery is superb. Staying further away from the high peaks, this video is dominated by rolling green hills, deep blue skies, and traditional alpine chalets. This video is very very nice. Blue skies throughout only add to the quality of this ride, and only in places does the picture become a little bleached by the sun.

The route was used as the fourth course of the Digital Swiss 5 series hosted by Rouvy in April 2020.

Course Profile

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