Welcome to the InsideRide guide to the Cape Naturaliste AR route on Rouvy. Please read on to see details and photographs on the route, route profiles, and our own ride data on this route.

The Cape Naturaliste route on Rouvy is a rolling tour of the Cape Naturaliste peninsula in Western Australia. The Naturaliste lighthouse stands to the North of the cape, though we seem to have completely missed it on our ride.

The first part of the ride is a flat stretch along Eagle Bay, with the ocean occasionally coming in to view. At the settlement at Eagle Bay the route departs from the coast, climbing up to the ridge running along the centre of the Cape. From here the route climbs gently North to the lighthouse, then heading back South along the same route, continuing past the turn back to Eagle Bay, and coming to an end outside the town of Dunsborough.

The setting is outstanding. With the occasional views to the ocean, there ride primarily consists of dark green bush contrasting with dark orange sand, opening occasionally to meadow. Rarely does the view extend much beyond the scrub lining the road. The weather is a let down though, the sky is largely grey throughout - a deep blue sky would have been much more enticing to ride under.

Like all Rouvy augmented routes, this route is beautifully filmed. The picture is stable with resolution available to 1080p. Similar to other routes it also suffers a little from filming speed exceeding ride speed, though rarely is this noticeable.

Course Profile

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