Welcome to the InsideRide guide to the Klausen Pass AR route on Rouvy. Please read on to see details and photographs on the route, route profiles, and our own ride data on this route.

The Klausen Pass Route on Rouvy is an uphill ride along the Urner Boden valley to the summit at the Klausen Pass.

The first part of the route is a relatively flat amble through the valley from Nidfurn to Linthal, taking in a series of Alpine villages including Luchsingen, Betschwanden and Ruti.

From Linthal the route begins to climb, taking on a series of switchbacks, climbing into the higher Boden Valley. The route levels between Oberberg and Urnerboden, the white spire of the church at Urnerboden dominating the head of the valley. From here the route climbs steeply again, taking in the views along the ridge to Ortstock, from the series of switchbacks, before terminating atop the Klausen Pass.

Like all Rouvy augmented routes, this route is beautifully filmed. The picture is stable with resolution available to 1080p. Similar to other routes it also suffers a little from filming speed exceeding ride speed, though rarely is this noticeable.

The scenery is superb. Green vales, surrounded by jagged and occasionally snow capped peaks, and deep blue skies in the latter half of the ride. Be prepared to dig in though - this is a tough ride.

Course Profile

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