Welcome to the InsideRide guide to the TDS5 I Race 2 I FRAUENFELD - FRAUENFELD AR route on Rouvy. Please read on to see details and photographs on the route, route profiles, and our own ride data on this route.

The Fraunfeld -Frauenfeld route on Rouvy is an circular loop ride around the town of Fraunfeld in Thurgau, Switzerland. The route formed the 5th leg of the Digital Tour de Suisse series in 2020, and was also a mandatory route in the Cycling Unlimited Challenge by ROUVY in June 2020.

The route makes 4 laps of an 11km circuit rolling through and around Frauenfeld.

The first part of the lap climbs up gently to the town from the plains along the River Thur.

The second part of each lap passes through the town of Frauenfeld, taking in views of the local coop, before heading through an area of distribution warehouses.

After leaving Frauenfeld the circuit drops back down toward the River Thur, taking in views over surrounding farmland before climbing back towards the racecourse Pferderennbahn Frauenfeld. The route concludes continuing out on to the flood plain where a paraglider is attempting to land.

Like all of the Swiss AR routes on Rouvy the scenery is super, archetypal Swiss architecture interspersed with rolling green fields. If there is a criticism it would be that the video is stitched - so get used to seeing the same objects moving on the video in each lap.

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