Welcome to the insideRide review of the Borrego Springs course on RGT. Please read on to see details of the route, review of the video, and our own ride data.

The route is a virtually recreated 7.7km circular route in the California desert, flat, with just a wee rise on the course.

I was quite excited about Borrego Sprints, but graphically this route is actually rather dull. Flat and surrounded by desert, the scenery, though appealing, varies little through the route.

There are a range of hills providing some perspective to the horizon, though sadly they render in while in view. I went around for a second lap, something that is not possible in Rouvy or BKool, but sadly it really was not inspiring.

I really want to like RGT, and it has so much potential - but I cannot get excited about Borrego Springs. We tested out the Pienza route a little while back, though did not write it up here, that had much more variety.

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