Welcome to the InsideRRR review of the Ayuthaya Bike Race course on the Bkool Simulator. Please read on to see our thoughts on the route, course profile from Veloviewer and images.

Route Review

I had a spare half hour or so as a result of accidentally missing the Herd Rode to Recovery Ride on Zwift. As I could not see another group ride at low intensity, I decided to drop into the Bkool Simulator for a wee spin.

I chose this route for a number of reasons. Firstly it was running live with a number of people on course. Second, I've been to Ayuthaya, a city containing some beautiful Ruins.

This route is available in video and in the 3D simulator. The video is awfully filmed, with so much bounce and stretch in the picture as to make unwatchable. The simulator as always makes for pleasant enough viewing - but bears no resemblance to the road filmed in the video. Dual carriageway in one, single track lane in the other. Suburban in the video, rural in the simulator.

The BKool simulator has so much potential as a concept - I really want to like it. I struggle though with that complete disconnect between real world and simulator. This site is after all, about exploring the world without leaving the garage - and that means the artificial world presented in the simulator needs to reflect it better.

Route Profile


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