Welcome to the insideRRR preview of the 2018 UCI Worlds Course Short Lap course on the Innsbruck world in Zwift. Please read on to see details of the route, route profile, images and our own ride data.

Route Description

The Innsbruck 2018 UCI Worlds Course Short Lap on Zwift starts and ends infant of the Hofkirche mit Silberner Kapelle in the centre of Innsbruck. The route heads out of Innsbruck past the Zwift Hotel, climbing steeply up the 495m climb up Goldbühel.

The route descends as steeply, and much more quickly back to the start, passing under the Zwift ski lift on the opposite side of the Inn River. Watch out for the steep kick up, shortly after crossing the water.

Route Profile

Route Images

Route Data

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