Welcome to the InsideRRR course overview of the Tempus Fugit route on the Watopia Zwift World. Read on to see details of the route, route profile, photographs of the course, and my own ride data.

The Tempus Fugit route is an out and back route along the Fuego Flats stretch of the Watopia desert. Group rides begin at the event start under the large span bridge to the North of the desert.

The route itself is almost completely flat as the route heads first South towards the Watopia Alps, before turning round and returning to the start. Highlights of the ride include the views to the mountains, the mining village the route passes, and some of the more futuristic buildings to the South of the route. Keep an eye out for the train passing through the village too.

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Route Profile

Map courtesy of ZwiftHacks background ©Zwift

Route Images

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