Welcome to the InsideRRR course overview of the Classique route on the London Zwift World. Read on to see details of the route, route profile, photographs of the course, and my own ride data.

The Classique route on the London world in Zwift is a short, flat circuit suited to hard and fast efforts. This route is made for time trial!

The Classique route starts with a lead in leg near the Tower of London, this follows the River Thames as far as the Golden Jubilee Bridge at Embankment Station. After the bridge the route turns North up Northumberland Avenue, dropping on the the main Classique loop at Trafalgar Square after around 4km.

Once you have dropped on to the Classique loop you will remain in the circuit, continuing to loop until you get off your bike, or fall off your bike - the choice is yours!

From Trafalgar Square the route heads East along the Strand, past Charing Cross Station on the right, before looping through 180° after 500m straight back to Trafalgar Square. Speed up as you head in to the turn, ready to hit the Classique Sprint segment at full throttle. Then the route heads directly over Trafalgar Square, under Admiralty Arch, and onto the Mall.

The route travels along the Mall for around a kilometre, with Buckingham Palace dominating the skyline in front, St. James's Park to the left, and Green Park to the right. At the Palace the route turns right onto Constitution Hill, riding along for around 700m before again looping through 180° to return to the palace.

This time the route heads straight across the Mall, heading down to the Palace of Westminster via Birdcage Walk. From Parliament the route heads left onto Whitehall, which it follows back to Trafalgar Square, and the beginning of the loop.

Route Profile

Map courtesy of ZwiftHacks background ©Zwift

Route Images

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