Welcome to the InsideRRR preview of the Packer Park Velodrome course on Fulgaz. Please read on to see our thoughts on the route, course profile and images.

Route Description

Tired after a long start to the week at work, I wanted to get a quick ride in to test out the version 4 beta of the Fulgaz App. Short on time, and only wanting to test basic functionality, what better than a velodrome?

I had not realised there were velodromes to ride on Fulgaz, though there are several motor racing circuits to film from, and at least one other dedicated bike circuit.

The Packer Park Velodrome is a publicly accessible cycle track, in Melbourne, apparently home to the Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club.

This route is beautifully filmed in stabilised 4K (though we only ride in perfectly adequate 1080p for connection stability (we are a little way from the modem. Though at less than 400m / circuit, it is not a long course. Be prepared to count the cycle club on your way past each lap!

Being a velodrome the route uses the Fulgaz loop function. When we used this a year or so ago, when we last used Fulgaz to any degree, the mapping was a little wonky on Strava, whereas on this route at least it mapped perfectly.

We did not have time to test out the new group ride functionality - we will play with that shortly.

Route Profile

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Route Images

Route Data

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