Welcome to the InsideRRR preview of the Harrison County Northern Rail Trail course by Craig Harrison on BKool. Please read on to see our thoughts on the route, course profile and images, and our own ride data.

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Route Description

The Harrison County Northern Rail Trail course on Bkool is a rolling ride through Harrison County from Spelter along the Harrison Country Northern Rail Trail, to Clarksburg.

The route is simulated in 3D in the Bkool Simulator, which programmatically recreates the route and area around it. The ride is pleasant, and the scenery in the simulator for rural areas like this is much enhanced compared to rural and coastal routes (buildings and the sea need much enhancement!). None of which compensates though for the fact that what is presumably a disused railway line is presented as the standard Bkool Simulator Road.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed the ride which was stage 2 in the Nov. 2020 Tour of America league run by the BKOOL USA Tour of America group on Bkool. Understanding how groups and leagues work, and how to subscribe to them, is pretty key to getting the most out of Bkool - more of that in a subsequent article.

We hope that you enjoy the ride - let us know what you think in the comments box below.

Route Profile

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Route Images

Route Data

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