Welcome to the InsideRRR preview of the Col des Aravis - Alpes course by chador on Kinomap. Please read on to see our thoughts on the route, course profile and images, and our own ride data.

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Route Description

The Col des Aravis - Alpes course on Kinomap is a scenic climb up to the Col des Aravis from La Giettaz, ending with the turn into the car park at the summit..

The route is dominated by views to surrounding high mountains, the Micah capped La Grande Balmaz to the right of the picture on the more jagged and conical face of the Pointe de Merdassier to the left.

This was at least our third ride up the Col des Aravis this winter, and the avid eyed amongst you might spot the we have seen the footage before - which has been cropped from the Tissot Challenge - Alpes route from earlier in the season. The white capped Grande Balmaz ridge a familiar site by now.

The video is recorded by Kinomap contributor chador in full high definition with stabilised picture. The quality of the ride has been awarded the "Excellent Quality" label from Kinomap. While the video quality was excellent, there are some timing issues with the gpx, particularly after exiting the tunnel..

We hope that you enjoy the ride - let us know what you think in the comments box below.

Route Profile

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Route Data

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