Welcome to the InsideRRR preview of the Hathersage and Grindleford course on Fulgaz by Steve Markus. Please read on to see my thoughts on the route, course profile and images, and my own ride data.

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Route Description

The Hathersage and Grindleford course by Steve Markus on Fulgaz is a rolling horseshoe shaped ride through the Peak District starting and ending on the outskirts of Chesterfield.

The scenery is a stupendously good mix of bright blue skies whit white cloud for contrast, green fields, yellow rapeseed, and gritstone buildings. This is an area I grew up climbing in, the only real disappointment being the absence of a view to the edges at Stanage and Burbage, but made up slightly by a reminiscent drive past the Little John in Hathersage.

The video is recorded in stabilised 4K resolution, recorded at a sensible speed to avoid comedic motions in shot. The colours in this video really are very very good.

We hope that you enjoy the ride - let us know what you think in the comments box below.

Route Profile

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Route Images

Route Data

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