Welcome to the InsideRRR preview of the Portrero to Leo Carillo course on Fulgaz by Grace Hutton. Please read on to see my thoughts on the route, course profile and images, and my own ride data.

Route Description

The Portrero to Leo Carillo course by Grace Hutton on Fulgaz is a flat coastal ride along the Pacific net Malibu, California.

The route starts near California State University, rolling through expansive green fields and blue skies, with La Jolla Peak appearing to the left on the extremes of Point Magu State Park. The hills of the park form a natural left boundary to the ride once it hits the Pacific Coast Highway, with green hills to the left, and sure rolling on to the beach to the left. The rout concludes turning off the highway, and in to the Leo Carillo campground.

The scenery is a superb mix of green hills, crashing waves and blue skies. The group ride makes for a nice backdrop, with chatter in the group throughout.

The video is recorded in stabilised 4K resolution. As we were riding a structured workout Fulgaz renders the video at 1.0x - given an average ride speed of 37km/h we would have been much slower than the original recording, which would make the chatter sound a little stuttered!

We hope that you enjoy the ride - let us know what you think in the comments box below.

Route Profile

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Route Images

Route Data

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