Welcome to the InsideRRR preview of the Brierfield Canal 6km route in real life! Please read on to see my thoughts on the route, course profile and images, and my own ride data.

Route Description

With two marathons to run in autumn 2021, bar any interning impossibilities in the interim, it was inevitable the InsideRRR would spend much more time being outsideRRR in 2021. So this is the second of a series of outdoor trail and road routes around Burnley, and the North West of England. I may even record some for Kinomap later in the summer, and truly bring the outdoors in.

This route starts at the crossing of the Leeds - Liverpool Canal and Barden Lane in Burnley, taking the canal towpath toward Nelson. The first part of the route is very rural, in contrast to the route into Burnley, heading out past the moored barges at Barden Marina. The route continues along the canal, becoming more industrial as it passes the under renovation Brierfield Mill, before leaving the canal by the ramp near the Nelson B&Q. Next the route climbs sharply up from the canal, onto the Colne Road, where it continues to climb more gradually through Brierfield toward Burnley. The former Primitive Methodist Chapel buildings to the right are a particular highlight, housing the JH Blakey lock showroom, and a weightlifting gym. The final section turns down Windermere Avenue, running alongside the Prairie driving ranges and adjacent allotments on the route back to the start.

Ordinarily for outdoor activities the weather will be variable. This is Burnley however, so the sky will be grey, on a good day it will rain lightly, and on a bad day the rain will be heavier.

I'll use stock photos for the next while, until running feels a little less slow and painful, and will come back to upgrade the images with my own in due course.

I hope that you enjoy the run - let me know what you think in the comments box below.

Route Profile

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Route Images

Route Data

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