Having inadvertently ridden Innsbruckring over the weekend, I was fairly confident that I could race well tonight. At least as fairly confident as it is possible to be having completely fallen apart the week before!

Getting on early, I headed over to the volcano circuit on Watopia to ensure that I was properly warmed up in advance, averaging around 90% FTP across the 10 minute ride.

Dropping into the race I tried to hold onto the lead pack, and managed to do so for the first half a lap. I missed the sharp incline up from the river, and it was too late by the time that I had started to crank up the power.

I spent the rest of the race trying to climb back as far as I could up the field, exchanging drafts G. Stewart, and then with K.Grant, before bridging to a larger group between 40th and 45th place. That split a little in the approach to the finish, and despite a strong effort on the straight, finished 44/54.

On the whole, a big step forward from last week, and still a little room for improvement. With a little more race savvy I should have held onto the lead group for longer, and a finish 10-15 places higher might have been possible. Though an average heart rate of 179bpm would suggest working pretty hard, and need to race smarter.

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