Tempo Interval session with Caoimhe - was really impressed at how well she coped with the speed changes between intervals. Ran out East towards Barrowford, turning around after 30 minutes. As the light was running out, and the weather fairly dreich, we had the canal largely to ourselves.

Quite pleased with progress in training for Manchester Marathon 2023, despite January being a tough training month with dark evenings and winter interjecting. Helpfully, most of the endurance from London remains, so not playing catchup too much.

Caoimhe gets quite cranky when she is tired - she is currently curled up in a bed under my Wattbike.

Also rediscovered Fetcheveryone - see graphic representation of workout below.



1 x 10 min warmup Z2 4 x 30sec Z4 / 30 sec Z2 3 x 7 min Z4 / 2 min Z1 1 x 5 min wardown Z2

Run data

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