How to install Championship Manager 01/02 on M1/M2 powered MacOS machines using Crossover.

I’ve written a number of guides over the years describing how to install, update and play Championship Manager 01/02 an MacOS 1 | 2 | 3, which were quite popular on my macretro project (which I decided to incorporate here instead).

Why would I want to install this? because 01/02 is probably the best version of Championship Manager ever released. As the last version released prior to the introduction of the top down pitch view, the game play is lean and slick, while comprehensive enough to be challenging.

Full series:

  1. Install Championship Manager 01-02
  2. Patch Championship Manager 01-02 to 3.9.68
  3. Update Championship Manager 01-02 game data
  4. Update Championship Manager 01-02 background images
  5. Import Championship Manager 01-02 tactics packs
  6. Using Nick’s Patcher for Championship Manager 01-02

I cannot get PlayOnMac to function properly, I’ll try again, but for now I’m using Crossover which has an associated licence fee. Importantly, I have no affiliation with Crossover, I use their product because it is great and works well.

Firstly head over to Crossover and download an evaluation copy, which should give you a trial period to test the software out.

If you do not have a copy of the CM0102 iso, you can download it for free as Eidos released the rights to this version. The iso is available from the champman0102 forum.

The video below shows the workflow on screen which comprises of:

  • mount your cm0102 iso using DiskImageMounter
  • install an unlisted application in Crossover
  • install
  • name a new windows 7 32-bit bottle
  • select autorun.exe from the mounted iso
  • follow the CM0102 install screens that load.
  • do not install directX at the end of the install

Making sure that your iso is still mounted (you will be able to see the virtual drive still on your desktop), double click on the CM0102 executable in your bottle.

Happy Championship managering!!!!!

I’ll return shortly to talk about applying updates to the install, and how to update the game data if you wish to do so.