How to update your Championship Manager 01-02 install on MacOS to play with current era player data.

If you have been following this series you will already have installed Championship Manager 01-02 in Crossover, and you will have applied the last Sports Interactive 3.9.68 patch to prepare your install ready for updating. This article shows how you can quickly update the game database to deploy current data.

Full series:

  1. Install Championship Manager 01-02
  2. Patch Championship Manager 01-02 to 3.9.68
  3. Update Championship Manager 01-02 game data
  4. Update Championship Manager 01-02 background images
  5. Import Championship Manager 01-02 tactics packs
  6. Using Nick’s Patcher for Championship Manager 01-02

First of all head over to the Champman0102 Forum, and once you have registered download the data pack that you want to play.

Open the uncompressed download folder, and copy all of the files inside it.

In Crossover, right click on your CM0102 bottle, and select ‘Open C: Drive’.

The virtual C drive folder will load in finder. Select ‘Program Files’ then ‘Championship Manager 01-02’ then ‘Data’.

Paste all of the files you have copied into this folder select ‘Replace’ and check ‘Apply to All’ when prompted to do so.

Open up your copy of Championship Manager install, and gaze lovingly at Burnley’s 2022-3 Championship winning team.

Note that the game date does not change - though the data has been updated without patching further the game start date is still 2001.

Enjoy the Championship Managering! I’ll be back shortly with more customisation…