How to update the club, player and stadium images inside your Championship Manager 01/02 install.

This is the fourth article in my updated series, walking through how to install and update Championship Manager 01/02 on MacOS with M1/M2 processors using Crossover. Full series:

  1. Install Championship Manager 01-02
  2. Patch Championship Manager 01-02 to 3.9.68
  3. Update Championship Manager 01-02 game data
  4. Update Championship Manager 01-02 background images
  5. Import Championship Manager 01-02 tactics packs
  6. Using Nick’s Patcher for Championship Manager 01-02

The CM0102 iso released into freeware by Eidos does not contain the background images (I’m pretty sure they are there an my CD-ROM, I just don’t have anything with a CD-ROM to test this!), but even if you are playing with the original disc, you will likely want to update the images given the number of stadium moves that have taken place in the interim.

First of all you will need a stadium images pack. I could not get any of the zipped downloads on the champman0102 forum to work on Mac, or inside google drive. I did find this pack, which worked fine for me - though be careful not to click on any of the spurious adverts on this site.

Open the uncompressed download folder, and copy all of the files inside it.

In Crossover, right click on your CM0102 bottle, and select ‘Open C: Drive’.

The virtual C drive folder will load in finder. Select ‘Program Files’ then ‘Championship Manager 01-02’ then ‘Pictures’.

Paste all of the files you have copied into this folder select ‘Replace’ and check ‘Apply to All’ when prompted to do so - you will need to do this twice, once for the config file, and again for the images.

Open up your Championship Manager 01/02 install, and gaze lovingly at the home of Burnley FC, Turf Moor, ‘Happy Place’.