How to apply Nick’s patcher to your Championship Manager 01/02 install on MacOS - correcting game year, competition names and much more!

This is the sixth and final article in my updated series, walking through how to install and update Championship Manager 01/02 on MacOS with M1/M2 processors using Crossover. Earlier in the series:

  1. Install Championship Manager 01-02
  2. Patch Championship Manager 01-02 to 3.9.68
  3. Update Championship Manager 01-02 game data
  4. Update Championship Manager 01-02 background images
  5. Import Championship Manager 01-02 tactics packs


Highlights of Nick’s patch include:

  • Updated game year
  • Updated competition names
  • Manager profile fixes to make new jobs, especially foreign, easier to obtain
  • Remove stadium expansion limits
  • Reveal hidden characteristics
  • Reveal your star players
  • Remove un/protected contracts
  • Reduce processor usage
  • Remove foreign player limit


First of all you will need to get hold of a copy of Nick’s patcher. You can find that latest version on the Champman0102 forum.

Right click on your bottle in Crossover, and select the install software into… option from the menu.

Select the first edit button to choose the file that you want to install, and select the file that you just downloaded.

When the patch loads, you will need to identify the executable that you wish yo patch - click the prompt and navigate through C: > Program Files > Championship Manager 01/02, and select the cm0102.exe executable.

You can then customise the updates that you wish to make. The patch will suggest an update profile, but you may wish to add other features - such as revealing hidden attributes, and applying year specific patches.

Load up CM0102, you will need to create a new save if you have applied naming corrections (and probably wise to anyway. Look at your amazing Burnley team, and note their presence in the Championship, season start year, and bask in the glory of your teams' revealed hidden attributes.


Make sure to run weekly autosave in your settings - occasionally the game will stick, often around a penalty.