How to complete the ‘Skirmish’ mission in the Ascent of Egypt learning campaign on Age of Empires.

This short video playthrough shows how to complete the Skirmish learning mission on Age of Empires.

You will start the mission with 7 military units, and you will not be able to supplement that. Split your units into a group of archers, and a group of axemen. Use Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+2 while the two groups are selected to allocate the hotkeys 1 and 2 to those groups. Test it out, press 1 and the first group will be highlighted, and 2 the second.

Send the two groups to the extreme east corner of the map, and begin to make way up the ramp to higher ground. As the enemy troops begin to appear send your axemen in to fight the enemy close combat, while holding your archers back to provide supporting fire from range.

Within a couple of minutes the battle should conclude, and you emerge victorious.