Video playthrough showing how to complete the ‘Dawn of a New Age’ mission in the Ascent of Egypt learning campaign in Age of Empires.

The aim of the Dawn of a New Age mission is to progress from the Stone Age to the Tool Age, to upgrade you need to build a stockpile of at least 500 food, while building at least two of the stone age building.

Starting the mission with three villagers, set your villagers to work collecting food and wood. Use the new villagers that you create to build buildings, and collect wood.

Build a dock, and fishing boats to fish for food in the ocean. As the wood supply around the town centre deplenishes, build a storage pit near an area of trees, and set your villagers to producing wood - to create more fishing boats.

Once a stockpile of 500 has been achieved, click on the town centre, and select the option to progress to the Tool Age. Once the research period is over, the mission is complete.