How to complete the ‘Trade’ mission in the Ascent of Egypt learning campaign in Age of Empires.

This video playthrough shows how to complete the Trade mission.

Similar to the previous mission, before you can turn your mind to trade, you need to deal with a few security threats from your neighbours.

First of all, set your villagers to collect wood, you are going to need a lot of it in this mission.

With the villagers busy, you will come under naval attack early on - build a fleet of at least 3 x scout ships and use them to protect the dock, and land approaches to your settlement from the West.

Create additional villagers, setting them to food production, using the output to build a fleet of axemen and archers. Position them to the West of the settlement from where any threats will come.

After seeing off the enemy catapult, you probably will only encounter very trivial threats. Build a fleet of trade ships, and set your villagers to food production. When the trade ships are built, click on them to select the commodities that you wish to trade, and then navigate them into trading docks on the map. Your gold stockpile will begin to build.

You also need to build a stockpile of gold. Build a gang of 5 villagers, and send them up the hill to the East of the settlement where they can build a storage pit, and mine stone.

Once the stone and gold stockpiles reach 1000 each, victory is yours.