How to complete the Farming mission in the Ascent of Egypt learning campaign on Age of Empires.

While the object of the farming mission is to teach you how to farm, that objective needs to be balanced by keeping the enemy at bay.

Seize the initiative - if you can take control of the sea crossings early in the game you can avoid having to deal with continuous waves of enemy attacks on your settlement. Set your villagers to collect wood, build a dock, and use additional villagers to forage berries so that you can make more axemen and slingers. Build a small landbased force.

Once you have control of the water, and have destroyed the enemy dock, use your naval and land based units to dismantle the enemy’s military buildings, to prevent it from building a force to harm you with.

With the map now firmly in your control, build a market, and set your villagers to building farms - they will rapidly accrue the 800 food needed to complete the mission.

Finally, move your land force West on the map, until you discover and take control of the ruin.

Once your food deposits reach 800, victory will be yours.